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Abraham Bowman Wheat Bourbon

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Colonel Abraham Bowman commanded the 8th Virginia Regiment, one of the most outstanding fighting units in the American Revolutionary War. He moved his family to Kentucky in 1779 and was among its earliest settlers. Bowman was active in politics and he represented Kentucky in the first Constitutional Convention. Later he represented Fayette County in the Kentucky Constitutional Convention. Colonel Abraham Bowman was the great grandfather of Abram Bowman, founder of Virginia’s A. Smith Bowman Distillery. This limited edition whiskey honors Colonel Abraham Bowman.Tasting Notes:Unlike any other whiskey, this limited edition release is always truly unique. Each new batch offers different aromas, complex flavors and enduring memories. Collectors and connoisseurs will surely appreciate this whiskey. Our great-great-grandfathers would love this stuff. Sip slowly, straight or on the rocks.

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Abraham Bowman


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